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BIS-CRS Registration

BIS Registration: In the era of globalization, world trade is growing rapidly, and Manufacturing and Import/Export businesses are increasing drastically. Regardless of your position, you may be an Importer, Trader, Supplier, or, most of all, a Manufacturer, some liability of compliance & regulatory requirements needs to be fulfilled before introducing any products in the market.

We are leading consultancy services provider to the Importer, Exporter & Manufacturer of Electronics goods to get BIS Registration. Peoples who are searching for well-experienced BIS Registration, ISI Consultant can depend on us. We are aware having technical qualification and experience. We help Manufacturer to design our products as per BIS requirements. Our organization has already completed more than 400 projects of electronics equipment fall under Deity. We help organizations in Testing, Documentation etc.

BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARD is a National Standard Body established under the BIS Act 1986. Through its comprehensive system, BIS plays a crucial role in ensuring product quality, security, safety, and trust. It grants licenses to manufacturers, allowing them to display the standard mark on their products. While obtaining a BIS license is voluntary, the Indian government has made it mandatory for certain products to uphold high standards.

BIS Registration under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) involves issuing a license by the Bureau of Indian Standards to the manufacturers of electronics and IT products. This license permits them to use or apply the Standard Mark, which includes a unique R-number. The registration process is based on the manufacturer's self-declaration of conformity with the applicable Indian Standards for their goods and articles.

According to CRS Orders, no one shall manufacture or store for sale, sell, import, or distribute goods that do not comply with the Indian standard specified in the order and do not bear the Standard Mark with a unique registration number obtained from BIS. BIS grants a license to the manufacturers to use or apply Standard Mark with unique R-number on electronics and IT products.

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