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BEE-STAR Label Mark

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is an agency constituted under the Ministry of Power, Government of India.The BEE registration is required for a wide range of energy consuming electrical and electronic appliances. The mission of BEE India is to optimize the consumption of energy. The government has made it mandatory for certain appliances to have star ratings and labels to make it easier for consumers to select the most energy-efficient product. A higher star rating indicates greater energy savings.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was formed under the Ministry of Power in Government of India. In 2010, the government has made mandatory for certain products to have ratings and labels on its products which specify the performance of the product and help the customers in making right choices before buying such product. The department function is to develop programs that will increase the conservation and efficient use of energy in India. The rating given by the BEE indicates a company’s compliance level in BEE. A company or a product having a higher BEE level indicates the standard performance of the company in relation to competition. Company should annually try to achieve the highest BEE rating to increase the market share of its product.

REGISTRATION RAPPORTS is your address for business development through Advising. The Objectives of Standards & Labeling Program is to provide the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving and thereby the cost saving potential of the marketed household and other equipment. This is expected to impact the energy savings in the medium and long run while at the same time it will position domestic industry.

Another important function of BEE is to set the standards and label for marking star-rating of various appliances. When a manufacturer creates a new model and wants to get it certified, they conduct testing on it according to BEE's protocols and then apply for star certification using the results of the tests. BEE assigns a star rating to appliances based on the results of the tests.

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